Sunday, June 5, 2011

Great Coupons

I know that many of you may have known about these coupons already, but I have been a little out of the loop this week. (The entire family has been SICK!)

Anyways go here to print some awesome coupons.  If you don't have a code use: 63829897.

Most of them will double to make some sweet deals. Some of these products were just on sale at Tops, but I was too sick to even post about them. Sorry. But you can still get some great prices at Wegmans.

Here are just a couple of examples:

Peter Pan peanut butter $1.99
use $0.50/1
doubles to make it $0.99

Banquet frozen meals $0.99
use $0.50/2
doubles to make them $0.49 each when you buy 2

Chef Boyardee $0.79 (price good until 6/25)
use $0.50/3
doubles to make about $0.46 a can when you buy three

There are other coupons on the site as well. The best things about these coupons is that you can print 10 copies instead of the typical 2!!!!! Just keep hitting your back button to get more to print.

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