Saturday, June 25, 2011

Couple of Tops match-ups for any Saturday shopping that I missed earlier

Frescetta Pizza by the Slice 2/$4
use $0.75/1 from the Frescetta facebook page
doubles to make them $0.50 each

Breyer Blasts $3.33???? (not sure on price)
use $0.75/1 from breyers facebook page
doubles to make it $1.83 each

I really don't like having to go to Tops, but using coupons there to get cheaper gas in New York is HUGE!!!!!!!! So I will keep trying to find some cheap ways for us to get our gas prices lower. I am now at $0.60 off per gallon and have a couple more weeks to get it lower. I am soooo excited!

I didn't get my early copy of the Tops ad for next week like I usually do, so any match-ups will take a few days.

And also, I didn't know this since I'm new to couponing at Tops, but some of their sales last longer than one week. (like the goya and cruch bars that I picked up this week!)


  1. yes, I disappeared again lol!! It was 5 days before my anniversary and I felt like a failure. I gave up my blogging... but now I am back!!! I am tied for first place for a vacation giveaway and am motivated once again!!! take a look at my blog and see! :) super excited!!!

  2. I got worried about you, but could see you were still commenting on For The Mommas. So then I knew you must be ok. But I have missed your blog. I have been in a little bit of a Rite Aid rut and need some inspiration!!!

    Glad you're back! And hope you win.