Friday, December 9, 2011

Buy 3 get 1 Free AMC movie tickets!

From Dec 9th thru the 15th, you can go here and print a coupon to take to any AMC theater. When you get there with your family of 4 or group of four, you can pay for three tickets and get one free. I love this idea. It is good on Arthur Christmas, Happy Feet 2, The Muppets, and Puss in Boots.

We saw the Muppets and loved it. I would also like to take kids to see Arthur Christmas, and this coupon really makes it more economically possible to do so. Just be sure to pack your own snacks to increase the savings! The funny thing is, seeing two movies in that short amount of time would be more movies than I've gone to the theaters to see all year!

For those of you that are local readers, there is an AMC theater in Webster on Empire Blvd. That is quite a ways from me, but hopefully closer to you!

If you want to find an AMC theater near you, try here.

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