Thursday, November 17, 2011

Coolest Review

I received an awesome opportunity to review a pair of Heely's shoes recently through Business2Blogger. I really wanted to get the shoes for my husband to try because he has talked for years about wanting a pair. Unfortunately he is so big that they didn't have his size in the options for bloggers to try. So instead I received a free pair for my daughter to try in return for my honest review.

When the box finally came, my daughter was filled with excitement. She had no idea what they looked like or how they worked. So we had a great time opening the box with anticipation and surprise. Here is what it came with:
 There was the pair of shoes, a small tool, wheels and wheel covers


. I love that you can take the wheels out and cover the hole to make it usable in all situations. The shoes were really durable and well made. And it was super easy to exchange the wheels for the covers and back and forth. It only takes a second to pop it out and put the other in.

They fit slighly snug compared to other shoes of the same size, but still fit.

My little love is still very young, and it was kind of hard for her to get the hang of wearing the wheels at first. She did slip and fall, but all the while she had a great time. She did eventually get the balance and skills down to be able to slide around from place to place, but she still needs some practice.

The Heely's website has some great information for first time users, including how to videos, a playbook, and a note on being responsible while skaing. I thought that this was a great feature because I had no idea how to explain to my little love what to do and the video was a wealth of information so that I could give her tips and advice.

If you are at all interested in checking them out or possible making a purchase, they do have a deal going for Black Friday. I am in no way compensated for your purchases, I am simply just sharing information. But you can  buy one pair and get the second for $25 and I believe that ground shipping is free on all orders. This deal is taking place from November 25-28. You can check out all sorts of Heely's information here.

I know that I see my students with these shoes all the time.I think that they are sooooo cool. And I am so thankful for having the opportunity to try them with my little love. She thinks that this was by far the coolest thing that has ever come in the mail. It keeps us off the couch and having fun, and that means the world to me. Have any of you tried them? I'd love to hear what you think!!!!

Please note that I was sent the shoes in return for my review. All opinions are 100% mine and were not swayed in away by Heely's or Business2Blogger.


  1. too bad they don't have them in camouflage!!

  2. I totally agree. She would have loved that!