Friday, June 1, 2012

Book Review: I Love You To God and Back

Before baby #3 arrived, I received this book from Book Sneeze in return for my honest review.

I chose I Love You to God and Back by Amanda Lamb. On the website, I thought the book looked like a children's book. So I  thought I would get the book and read it with my loves before we did our prayers. However, the book was really more for mommies in my point of view. The mother that wrote this started to copy down the prayers that her little Chloe said each night. I believe that Chloe was about six at the time. I could feel a real connection listening to hear prayers since I have a six year old my self. Each prayer was then followed by the thoughts from the mother which we refreshing to read as well since this whole mommy thing is really an adventure.

The book might not have been what I expected, but it was fun to read. Plus, when I got to the end there were some great tips for doing your own prayers with the babes at night. Overall, I really did enjoy this book.

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