Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wegmans stop

Sorry guys, I have been cery unimpressed with the deals lately. Is there anyone else feeling the same? This stinks because summer time is really the penny pinchin' season for us. So the lack of deals has made it hard.

Here are a couple of splurges that we made this week thanks to coupons:

Kelloggs cereal $2.50 per box
I used $1/1 from the back of Wegmans receipts
makes these boxes $1.50 each
(I also made sure to grab the ones that have the codes - 4 codes gets you $5 prepaid gift card. After the card, it is about $0.25 per box.)

Now an even better deal would be to buy the frosted flakes 2/$5
use 2 coupons from receipts $1/1 for each
use $1/2 from
makes this $2/2 or $1 each and then submit for prepaid card

I think there is a new $5/5 cereal coupon as well that just appeared on I don't have 5 of the register coupons, but it is still a good deal. The boxes are much bigger than the ones that go on sale at the drug stores!!!

I also picked up 2 Turkey Hill Iced Teas. $2.29 each
used $1/2  from old insert
used $1/2 wegmans receipt coupon
makes this $1.29 each
(These were recently on sale and I hadn't gotten a receipt coupon yet and missed it :( My hubby and I love these and I picked them up as a sweet treat for our wedding anniversary. )

Pillsbury Brownie mixes $0.99
There was a $0.40/1 or a $0.50/1 that came out in an insert in June. Depending on what your area got, these could be $0.20 - free after coupon doubles. I had to trade to get them because my area didn't get either coupon.

What have you found lately.


  1. I feel ya! the deals are poopie I am blaming it on Extreme couponing on TLC. siince that show the deals went down hill fast.

  2. I was thinking that too. I am by no means an "extreme" couponer, but I definitely used the deals to make ends meet. Now my grocery bills are up by $20 - $40 and I can't really cut much out. If ya can't even splurge for iced tea in a week, it gets pretty sad.... Hopefully the second season will tank and we can start to get back to the way things used to be. Or maybe some of the "newbies" will realize how much work it really is and get tired of it so those of us that would like 4 or so bottles of detergent aren't left with nothing after someone tastes 50 or 100!

    It is sad, because I really didn't think stores like Wegmans and Tops would be affected. They aren't like Kroger and the many others. But I am sure there are a ton of fradulent coupons or just ignorant couponers trying to get illegitimate deals.

    Ok. I'll stop preaching now.... Sorry

  3. Thank you, I feel the same way.. I have been doing this for awhile since 2007. I do it partly for a hobby and part for making ends meet. I never get more then I can use and my "stockpile' woudl be laughed at by most.